All Natural Intracellular Cleanse, Chakra Activating Yoga & More!

Rance Dunbar aka The Chakra Doctor, has created his own blend of all natural herbs and cold pressed oils to provide the best detox food for all ages to enjoy. Miracle food builds and sustains a healthy immune system with the greatest cleanse, anti-inflammatory and it’s allergen free! Miracle food has been known to cure cancer and other “incurable” diseases, but it also supports the body in more ways than just the immune system. It increases energy, improves sleep, increase libido and sex drive, rejuvenates skin and hair, provides liver protection, and supports healthy bones. As stated earlier it’s suitable for all ages including, infants and women who are pregnant/nursing. It can be used as a natural daily supplement, a great source of iron, proteins, healthy fats, rich minerals and an abundance of vitamins. 

The Chakra Doctor has created his own type of yoga meditation where you are guided into activating all 7 of your chakras simultaneously! The process creates a unified auric field of bio-mechanical-electro-magnetic-etheric harmony and rejuvenation, healing the body in the most important places as your spirit and mind determines. FCA (Full Chakra Activation) helps people naturally heal from physical, mental, emotional and spiritual stresses. FCA is the world's proof that you have a spirit and soul inside of your physical body! This is able to be intensely felt on a plethora of physical levels all in under 25 minutes!

My name is Rance Dunbar also known as The Chakra Doctor, I was born and raised in the Big Easy, New Orleans. After overcoming countless hardships in life including child abuse, depression, disease, addiction, lack of education, suicide attempts, near death and prison, I propelled myself into a positive, spiritual state of being and into a full time black business owner and spiritual master. I am most known for 3 things: (1)creating The Miracle Food all natural intracellular detox cleansing regimen. (2)creating The FCA Yoga Guided Meditation.(3)creating The Money Magick Esoteric Program. Most people wouldn’t be able to make it through the things i’ve been through, yet I was able to turn my life into a complete success! How was I able to do this and use what I’ve learned to help others so they too can access the discipline, willpower, and the ability to make positive changes in their lives? I would love for you and your audience to benefit from hearing my story.

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